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yes, I did it. because of several reasons:
a. I fear strangers.
b. I'm a private person.
c. I wanted to display this pretty image. :3

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The Great Booklist of 2009

Yup. The books I'm reading this year.

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This movie has the award of me wanting to actually see it again. And I am going to see it again, next weekend, with another friend (my best).

The movie... the 3D didn't involve those stupid gags, like throwing things out to us or nearly stabbing us with something. Sometimes it was subtle, like how the lace moved around the beginning credits, or how the fog shifted in one scene. And plus, this new 3D technology is great. No longer are we doomed to red and blue, it doesn't hurt your eyes, and if you watch it without the glasses, it's not as bad as the past.

2009 seems to be the beginning of animated 3D movies. Apparently, Disney/Pixar is saying all movies from now on are to be 3D, and they are making and rereleasing the Toy Story franchise in 3D. Both Up and Monsters vs Aliens, coming out in about a month, shall be 3D. Dreamworks hasn't said that all movies shall be 3D, but from what I can gather, all seem to be.

Now, the design and style of the move. It's Henry Selick, of Nightmare Before Christmas fame. The puppets in this film were his style as always; tall, stick-thin creatures who look almost distorted. And the looks were unique, from Coraline to her parents to Wylie to Mr. Bobinsky (possibly the most funny looking of the bunch).

The story was pretty much similar to the book, which was very great; Wylie was a creature of the film and I understand why. Wylie was a space filler. In the book, Coraline spends a lot of time alone and it'd be odd to just have Coraline talking to herself for large amounts of time. Plus, Wylie becomes a part of the plot within time and I rather enjoyed the ecclectic boy.

I thought the voice acting was pretty great; Dakota Fanning was surprising but I had mostly forgotton what she sounds like. Teri Hatcher was a great mother and John Hodgeman was very pleasing as the dad! I laughed when I first saw his name in the beginning credits. As always, Ian McShane was fantastic, this time playing the crazy Russian Mr. Bobinsky.

All together, this film was sewn and created  (not to create any pun on the opening sequence to this movie) from all good parts of this movie. I am excited to see the next adaptation of a Neil Gaiman children's book - The Graveyard Book, which just won an Newbery medal.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again next week. And to possibly gain any movie posters for it.

I love flickr.

Whoo, picspam.

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More later, as my flickr seems to have broken oddly and won't load. D:


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