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tasha sveta
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the girl
The name’s Natasha, but I go under the names Tasha, Sveta, and Heather. I’m a teenager in her high school years, at Atech in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m rather tall, skinny, with blonde hair and green eyes. I’m terribly klutzy and I have a condition called disequilibrium, which is practically vertigo without nausea. I swim, run, a bit of skateboarding, play tennis, and play DDR.

I want to study anthropology, Russian, and Russian/Soviet Studies at (preferably) Cornell University. I am also considering Northwestern University and Princeton. I take many AP classes and I am very advanced in my studies. I am hyper-rational, an empiricist, agnostic, and I have an eidetic memory. I began reading at 10 months, a legal genius IQ-wise, and very mature from a young age. And yet, I have ADD so forget everything I just said. :3

I love music and I am a fan of many many rock and alternative bands. My interests range from Kanye West, to Coldplay, to Imogen Heap, to My Chemical Romance. I’m a fan of musicals and musical movies. My two favorite musicals are Wicked and Rent, and my favorite bands are Panic at the Disco and The Killers.

I travel a lot. I’ve been to nearly all countries in Europe, save for most of the Balkan countries. I love to travel, think airports are great, and airplanes are a fun experience (yes, I’m odd). I’m Russian in decent (Natasha Svetlana, anyone?) and I have been there several times. This summer I am heading to Russia, to Moscow and Samara, then to Italy for a cruise around the Med. Should be очень весело, (very fun).

the fandoms
I don’t consider myself a fangirl (I don’t go crazy over shows, characters, and ships) but I belong to several ‘fandoms,’ mostly television.

I watch, of the primetime shows, House, Bones, Lost, 30 Rock, The Office, and Scrubs. My ships are House/Cuddy & Wilson/CTB, Booth/Brennan & Angela/Hodgins, Jack/Juliet & Ben/Juliet & Sawyer/Claire & Kate/NO ONE, Jack/Liz, Pam/Jim & Jan/Michael (RIP), Turk/Carla & JD/Elliot (I know, I know, where’s the slash?). I ship more pairings and some slash shippings but these are my main ships.

I watch The Colbert Report, the Daily Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and Saturday Night Live for late night. I love Colbert and he has me in stitches every night.

Lost and Bones are fairly new shows for me; well, I watched seasons 1 and 2 of Lost, but fell out in the weird time for Lost in season 3 and only recently returned in season 4. Thank God if he does exist for online episodes. Lost is a great show and although I dislike characters I always tune in to find out what happened this week. Bones I watched on and off but recently really got into; it is a great show and I enjoy it immensely.

I love 30 Rock and have always loved Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin is amazing and the writing’s just terrific. I’ve liked The Office but thought that it was going downhill this season especially at Dinner Party but its recovering. Scrubs was more of my sister’s find but I’ve grown to love it.

the rest
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